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You want to learn the modern Greek language but “it’s all Greek to you”? Learn Greek with Helinika’s Udemy course for absolute beginners. No need to attend any classes beforehand. You will be taught the letters of the Greek alphabet, the various letter combinations, the cases of the nouns, the conjugation of verbs, and you will be provided with downloadable and printable learning materials. Optional assignments and a final test are also included.

  • Easy-to-follow Videos
  • Downloadable Materials
  • Optional Assignments
  • Udemy Certificate of Completion

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“I Completed Helinika’s Course for Absolute Beginners. Now What?”

Once you complete the course and you have already built a strong foundation, you can improve your skills by watching our 100% free videos on YouTube. You can also find Helinika’s recommendations for Greek language learning textbooks here. Helinika’s courses are perfect for independent and self-motivated language learners who prefer creating their own language learning schedule. You have the power to reach your goals faster than others and without spending a fortune.

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Books and Resources to Learn Modern Greek | Greek Language Textbooks

Looking for books and textbooks for learning modern Greek? Helinika has gathered the best Greek language textbooks and dictionaries you can buy from Amazon!

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