Helinika offers a wide range of physical and digital products to help you learn Greek and immerse yourself in the Greek history and culture.


Stories to Learn Greek

A collection of original stories in modern Greek. All stories are inspired by the legends, urban myths and folktales of Greece. Although beginners can benefit from this book, “Stories to Learn Greek” is targeted towards intermediate and advanced speakers. Each chapter is followed by a glossary and some useful tips to help readers immerse in the Greek language, history, and culture. You can purchase it directly from the publisher (Lulu) or via different retailers. These include but are not limited to Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The book can be found in many smaller websites and bookstores across the globe; you can find them by searching “Stories to Learn Greek by Marialena Perpiraki” on Google.


Modern Greek Language Course for Beginners

Helinika offers a complete language course to help beginners build a strong grammatical and vocabulary foundation, upon which they will later build their knowledge with Helinika’s free articles and YouTube videos

Modern Greek Language Course for Intermediate Speakers

Helinika offers a second language course that enables Greek language learners transition from a basic to an intermediate level. 

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