Helinika’s Video Courses | Affordable Greek Lessons

Are you interested in learning Greek from the comfort of your own house but you don’t want to spend a fortune on private tutors? Join Helinika’s video course for learning Greek on Udemy! The course includes downloadable materials, optional assignments, and a final test. Registered students can ask questions any time and everyone who completes the course can request a Language Certificate signed by Udemy and the language instructor.

Although Helinika offers free materials for improving your Greek, absolute beginners can invest in a complete language course and build a strong grammar and vocabulary foundation, upon which they will later build their knowledge with our free articles and YouTube videos. Since you found out about our courses through Helinika’s website, you are rewarded with a discount link for enrolling to Helinika’s video course for absolute beginners.

Claim Your Udemy Discount and Start Learning Greek:

helinika udemy discount

“Helinika is an online platform with educational videos and entertaining – informative content.” -The Huffington Post Greece

“The most interesting online platform for learning Greek.” – ipop

Greek Language Course | The benefits of Helinika’s video course for learning Greek:

  • Easy-to-follow videos for beginners.
  • No prior knowledge of Greek needed.
  • Optional assignments and tests.
  • 11 downloadable materials.
  • Feedback and support for all registered students.
  • Certificate of completion.
  • Access to free online materials for learning Greek through Helinika’s website.

Helinika’s video courses for learning Greek combine the pros of having a private tutor, being part of a class, and learning the language all by yourself:

Join Now!

  1. Just like learning Greek by yourself, you can participate in our courses anytime, anywhere. However, we have already prepared the study materials for you and we guide you through them with tips that only an experienced tutor can provide you with.
  2. Private tutors are expensive. The whole course is often much cheaper than having one lecture with a private tutor.
  3. Just like learning Greek in a physical school, you can join many other students from around the world that have the same questions and struggles as you. You can connect with them easily through our social media channels.

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This Is Your Sign for Learning Greek

You have been debating whether you should start learning modern Greek and you constantly postpone it. Whatever the reason might be, here is the sign you were looking for. Start learning Greek today.


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