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Types of Articles

Helinika accepts original articles that have not been submitted in any type of publication in the past and will not be submitted in the future, unless the writer and the media owner agree upon that. Opinion pieces and expert articles are submitted voluntarily; no monetary requests can be made. The guest writers maintain ownership of their content. They may link their website or LinkedIn profile to their author’s bio and are encouraged to include their work in their portfolio.

Opinion pieces: Share your thoughts on topics related to the Greek language, history, and culture. All opinion pieces should include personal experiences and the subjective perspective of the writer. At the same time, facts, stats, and scientific data must be linked as sources, whenever objective statements are made.

Examples: “How moving to Greece changed my life“, “Why I left the city to live in the Greek countryside“, “Learning Greek was the worst decision I’ve ever made. And the best.”.

Opinion pieces should follow the provided writing guidelines. Submitted articles can only be accepted by approved guest writers. For more information, read the section “Become a Guest Writer“.

(800-1600 words)

Expert articles: Are you a student/graduate/academic? You can publish articles related to your expertise, as long as they are relevant to the medium’s topics. Preferred degrees: archaeology, history, anthropology, linguistics, classical studies, folklore studies, journalism, teaching, literature.

All articles by experts should include linked sources from credible websites, such as scientific articles or papers and archives from libraries and Universities. Expert articles should not be limited to listing well-known facts. They should provide in-depth knowledge and a unique perspective on the given subject.

Examples: “The significance of the Antikythera Mechanism“, “The cultural influence of the refugees from Smyrna“.

Expert articles should follow the provided writing guidelines. Submitted articles can only be accepted by approved guest writers. For more information, read the section “Become a Guest Writer”.

(1200-3000 words)

Become a Guest Writer

Helinika accepts guest writers who can provide at least one writing sample that has been published in credible publications. All articles should be submitted in English (British or American) and the authors should be native or proficient English speakers.

Applications should include:

a) a complete author’s bio (100-200 words)

b) a list of 5-10 suggested topics (type, title, description)

c) 1-3 links to writing samples from credible publications

If the application is approved, you will be contacted to sign the guest writers’ agreement and discuss the details. By submitting your application, you agree to have your data processed and stored for an indefinite time period. Rejected applications are not stored in our database.

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Marialena Perpiraki

Marialena Perpiraki is a journalist and writer from Athens, Greece. In 2020, she founded Helinika as a cross-media platform.

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