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Helinika is a platform dedicated to the Greek language, history, and culture. It offers affordable video courses and helpful resources for learning modern Greek, along with content related to the Greek history and culture. Helinika is the place to be when longing for something Greek.

Greece is located in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea and it is the South-eastern part of Europe.

Greece has influenced the Western civilization in cultural and political ways. Philosophy, theatre, and Democracy were born in Classical Athens. The same goes with the values of fair play and freedom of speech.

The Greek language is one of the oldest surviving languages in the world. Although Greek has evolved overtime, the linguistic differences between ancient, medieval, and modern Greek are minimal. Helinika believes in the continuation of Hellenism – the national character and essence of Greece – from antiquity to the 21st Century. This is showcased in our content.

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The setting sun painted the sea crimson as it sank below the horizon. The young Jesuit missionary François Richard was standing on the upper deck, taking it all in. The sky was now dark, and the ship was following the silver moonglade of the waxing crescent. A dark shadow emerging from the waters was now visible from afar. The Frenchman could feel his heart beating faster in his chest as the ship approached its final destination. He could clearly see the steep black cliff that welcomes visitors to the island.  “Were the rumors true? Is this what reaching the gates…

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