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Helinika is a platform dedicated on the Greek language, history, and culture. Helinika offers affordable video courses that can help you teach yourself Greek, helpful resources, and unique Greek-inspired artwork, along with content related to the Greek history and culture. Helinika is the place to be when longing for something Greek.

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“Helinika is an online platform with educational videos and entertaining – informative content.” -The Huffington Post Greece

“The most interesting online platform for learning Greek.” – ipop

Latest Posts:

Greek Language Immersion with Listening Exercises

Helinika created a new video series on YouTube called “Greek Listening Comprehension”. Listening comprehension exercises are essential for improving your listening and speaking skills in a foreign language.

31 Days of Learning Greek | Learn Greek in One Month

Watch Helinika’s complete video series for learning the basics of the Greek language, which is complimentary to Helinika’s Udemy Course for absolute beginners, and improve your Greek skills in one month.

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