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Helinika is a platform dedicated on the Greek language, history, and culture. Helinika offers affordable video courses that can help you teach yourself Greek, helpful resources, and unique Greek-inspired artwork.

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Get Your Helinika School Emblem!

You can now find Helinika’s school emblem on RedBubble and order it as a sticker or magnet. Stick it to your fridge and/or notebooks and become a true member of Helinika’s international community.

Dos & Don’ts in Athens, Greece

Can you throw your toilet paper in the toilet? Is the tap water safe in Athens? Are you allowed to drink in public in the Greek capital? Athens dos and don’ts

About Helinika

Helinika.com is an online platform dedicated to the modern Greek language. Helinika’s mission is to help people around the word get in touch with the modern version of one of the oldest languages that ever existed with little to no costs.

Helinika has been featured in the Greek edition of the Huffington Post and in ipop.gr! Read the full interviews (in Greek) here and here.

What does “Helinika” mean?

The name “Helinika” was inspired by the Greek word “ελληνικά”, which means “Greek” (adj., neutral, plural, nominative). The “H” in this case, as in the cases of “Hellas” and “Hellenic“, is silent; however, slightly pronouncing is also correct.

Who Can Use Helinika for Learning Greek?

Helinika can be used by anyone who wants to learn Greek; no prior knowledge of Greek is required. Our platform is used by non-native speakers and members of the Greek diaspora

Who is the Founder of Helinika.com?

Helinika.com was founded on January 2020 by Marialena Perpiraki, a journalist and content creator with a long experience in teaching Greek to foreigners.

Marialena was born and raised in Athens, Greece, and she is a native-speaker of Greek.

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How Can You Learn Greek with Helinika?

Helinika helps anyone who is interested in learning Greek (or improving his/her skills) in two different ways:

  1. By offering free study materials for anyone to use. Find them here.
  2. By offering very affordable online courses (with videos, exercises, guidance/support, and more). Join our courses.