Greek Language Exercises

Practice your language skills with Helinika’s Greek language exercises. You will find various vocabulary, grammar, and listening exercises to improve your Greek skills.

Greek Listening #18: Greek News and Journalistic Phrases Challenge | Greek Comprehension

Journalists use specific words and phrases to share a news story, address an issue, or express an opinion. These words and phrases might surprise non-native speakers. Here are some Greek journalistic words and phrases to write down in your vocabulary notebook.

Greek Listening #13: Foreign Words of Greek Origin | Greek Comprehension

Did you know that there are 150.000 words of Greek origin in the English vocabulary? Many more languages have also adopted some words – usually anything that starts with “psych” and “phil”. Today’s listening comprehension video exercise will help you understand the roots of some very common words.

Test Your Greek Grammar Skills with These Exercises

Are you progressing in your Greek language learning journey but you are unaware whether you have grasped the basics of the Greek grammar/ Here are three exercises to practice and test your Greek grammar skills. You will find the answers at the bottom of the page.