This Is Your Sign for Learning Greek

You have been debating whether you should start learning modern Greek and you constantly postpone it for the next week, the next month, the next year. Maybe you are contemplating how difficult it would be to learn a new language or you might not know where to start. Or you may not be sure why you even want to learn Greek in the first place. Whatever the reason might be, here is the sign you were looking for. Start learning Greek today.

No More Excuses. Learn Modern Greek with Helinika

No, you don’t need to find an expensive language school in your region or spend a fortune on a private tutor who is only available on your busiest days. E-learning is becoming more and more popular, since it is the most flexible, affordable, and safest way to learn a new skill, especially in times when social distancing is essential. Helinika has created one of the highest rated Greek courses on Udemy, while hundreds of people are using its free resources for practicing one of the oldest languages in the world.

Helinika’s Trusted Udemy Course Includes:

  1. Helpful and concise on-demand videos.
  2. Downloadable pdfs and optional assignments.
  3. A final quiz to test your abilities.
  4. An Udemy certificate of completion.

Claim Your Discount and Start Learning Greek:

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“Helinika is an online platform with educational videos and entertaining – informative content.” -The Huffington Post Greece

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Greek Lessons for Au Pairs | Au Pairs in Greece

Many young women and men choose to travel the world by becoming au pairs (seen also as “aupairs” or “au-pairs”). An au pair is a nanny/babysitter or household helper from a different country, who helps the host family learn his/her native language, while practicing the language of the hosts himself/herself.  This is a great way to travel the world, while saving money, learning new languages, and developing important life skills and relationships.

Note: There are many agencies and applications that match au pairs with families. I can’t stretch enough how important it is to do a thorough research before travelling alone to live with a family you’ve never met in person or before hiring someone to take care of your children and live in your house. At the same time, you should be aware of your rights as an au pair and discuss your responsibilities with your host family in advance. Having experience as a babysitter, camp counselor etc. is a great advantage but not always required.

Learn Greek Online with Helinika

Benefits of Being an Au Pair | Becoming an Au Pair

As an au pair you will:

  1. Become more responsible. Being responsible is a prerequisite when it comes to taking care of children. However, you will soon realize how much more responsible you will become in the process of taking care of someone else’s children and household.
  2. Make friendships that last. Most au pairs create life-long bonds with their host family. In many cases, they become part of the family and visit them again in the future. Not only that, but there are tight knit au pair communities in every part of the world. Many au pairs spend valuable time with other au pairs in their days off and build friendships that easy.
  3. Learn a language without studying. As an adult, you can’t learn a new language from scratch without studying. However, if you already have a basic understanding of the local language (A1-A2), you will be able to practice while speaking with your host family and the rest of the locals. You will basically immerse yourself in the language and you wont have to spend hours studying alone in your room.

Reasons to Work as an Au Pair in Greece | Au Pairs in Greece

As an au pair in Greece you will:

  1. Travel to your dream location without spending money; you will earn money.
  2. Start communicating in Greek, one of the oldest languages in the world.
  3. Experience the Greek “philoxenia”, hospitality.

Learn Greek Online with Helinika

Greek Lessons for Au Pairs | Learn Greek Online with Helinika

When a Greek family looks for a foreign au pair, they probably want you to speak your local language with their children. In this way, they can learn your language in a natural, immersive way. At the same time, it is important that you know at least the basics of the Greek language. The hosts will probably choose an au pair that speaks Greek over someone who doesn’t, even if the goal of having an au pair is to help the children learn your native language. If you daydream about becoming an au pair in Greece but Greek “is all Greek to you”, don’t be discouraged. Learning the basics of a language doesn’t always require spending a lot of hours/money in private language schools or tutors. You can teach yourself Greek at home with easy-to-follow video tutorials! Helinika has a complete video course series for learning Greek that can help you learn Greek in two months (on average). By registering through the following button, you will be able to receive a significantly lower price (special for au pairs). The course includes:

  • Full lifetime access;
  • 11 downloadable resources;
  • Certificate of completion!
au pair in greece

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Learn Greek at Home During Quarantine

If you are interested in learning Greek but there are no classes taking place in your area, don’t be discouraged. Helinika, a platform dedicated to the Greek language, history, and culture, offers affordable Greek language lessons online. Learn Greek during Quarantine.

This Is Your Sign for Learning Greek

You have been debating whether you should start learning modern Greek and you constantly postpone it. Whatever the reason might be, here is the sign you were looking for. Start learning Greek today.

Greek Lessons for Erasmus Students | Erasmus in Greece

Are you preparing for your Erasmus semester in Greece? Is it your dream to study the classics in Athens or spend an adventurous semester on a Greek island? Then you might be wondering whether it is necessary to speak, write, and read in Greek on a proficient level.

The short answer to this is: no, it is not necessary. There are plenty of classes and seminars or entire programs that are held in English in Greek Universities. At the same time, most people can communicate in English. So, learning Greek is not a matter of survival.

But you should ask yourself:

  1. Is it possible to get the ultimate Greek experience without speaking the language?
  2. Will you be able to hangout with the local students?
  3. Are all the classes you are interested in available in a language you are familiar with?

Greek Lessons for Erasmus Students | Greek for Erasmus

If you are interested in spending a semester in Athens, Thessaloniki, Rhodes, or any other place in Greece? Then you should consider getting started with at least the basics of the Greek language. And once you finally land there, you will be able to immerse yourself in Greek by attending classes, seminars, and by building relationships with Greek people.

We understand that learning Greek might be more challenging than learning French, Spanish, or Italian. And that is not necessarily because of the complexity of the language – once you get familiar with the alphabet, the rest will unfold- but mostly because of the lack of language schools that include Greek in their curriculum. The same goes with native Greek language instructors – they are not a lot out there. And here is where Helinika comes into place with its complete video course that is perfect for Erasmus students.  You can now teach yourself Greek with easy-to-follow videos and learn one of the oldest languages in the world anytime, anywhere. All you need is access to a computer or a tablet.

Start learning Greek now and prepare for an exciting semester in Greece! Greek lessons for Erasmus students:

Why learn Greek?

Why should you spend your precious time learning a new language spoken by over 13 million people around the world?

Learn Greek and understand the origins of your own language

If you are an English speaker, then you regularly speak Greek without knowing it. It is estimated that over 150.000 English words derive directly and indirectly from the Greek language.

“Dinosaurs”, for example, are the mighty lizards – the term derives from the Greek words “δεινός” (dinos) and “σαύρα” (saura), meaning mighty/strong and lizard respectively. Another example is the word “telephone”. This commonly used word derives from “τηλε-” (tele) and “φωνή” (phoni); the first stands for “distant” and the second for “voice”.

The same goes for most of the languages that are widely spoken in Europe. It is worth mentioning that some of the words were borrowed into Latin and then acquired from its descendants, the Romance languages, such as Italian and Spanish. Moreover, countless scientific and medical terms have Greek roots and, by understanding the language they derive from, you can understand more about this specific subject.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the modern Greek language is much closer to ancient Greek than most people think. In fact, it is closer to ancient Greek than Italian and Spanish are to latin. If you learned ancient Greek in school or if you are interested in ancient Greek history, speaking modern Greek will help you connect with the ancient civilization that influenced the modern western culture, ideas, and politics.

Learn Greek and expand your opportunities

Over 13 million people around the world are able to speak Greek. The language is spoken in Greece, in Cyprus, and among members of the Greek diaspora, a term that refers to the people who originate from Greece but live abroad. That gives you countless possibilities for meeting people, making friends, negoatiating business partnerships, and even finding a job.

Now, you may wonder what type of job opportunities might be available for foreigners in Greece. The country has indeed quite high unemployement rates, however, during the summer season, job openings multiply. Islands such as Mykonos and Santorini and other touristic locations need to employ a big number of people who specialize in various hospitality positions.

Chefs, bartenders, and baristas from all over Greece and around the world are employed every summer season in some of the most reputable hotels and restaurants in Greece. In most cases, the employers provide free accommodation and there are countless opportunities to enjoy the beauty of Greece. Speaking Greek (at least) on a basic level is often a requirement.

Moreover, Greece is a popular destination for travellers, digital nomads, and Erasmus students. Although speaking Greek fluently is not necessary when travelling to Greece or moving for a couple of months, doing so will make your life much easier and will help you make good impressions to locals, meet people, and make friends.

Learn Greek and train your brain

Learning a new language not only expands your job prospects, but, according to a recent study, it also makes you smarter. Bilinguals embrace new concepts that are often not represented in their own monther tongues, which has positive effects on the brain.

Now, add a different alphabet to the mix and the unique complexities of the Greek grammar and syntax, and the Greek language becomes a good choice for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge and learn new things.

We answered the question why should everyone learn Greek. Are you ready to start? Helinika offers free study materials for everyone and, in addition to that, a series of affordable on-demand online courses for all levels. The best way to learn Greek is here. Start your e-learning journey now!