Creative Greek Insults That Are Rather Funny Than Offensive

You may hear them in Greek movies and tv-series or even on the street. These Greek insults are not meant to be offensive – they are normally used in a playful way, just for laughs.

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Creative and Inoffensive Greek Insults

  • (ο) μπαγλαμάς – this small Greek musical instrument is often used to describe people that are… unimportant and useless.
  • (ο) κουραμπιές – this Christmas delicacy has been used as a funny insult. A Greek actress named Dimitra Matsouka once admitted calling a fellow driver she argued with “κουραμπιέ”. The phrase “ναι τον είπα κουραμπιέ” (yes, I called him kourabie) instantly became a meme.
  • (η) κουφαλίτσα – literally translated as “little tree hollow”, it is used to describe people who are deceptive and sneaky but, at the same time, they are not dangerous or evil. The term was popularized by a Greek tv-series.
  • (η) τσαπερδόνα – from the Italian “sopra donna”, this Greek word is used to describe women who are overly flirty. It is used in a playful way and it is not considered offensive. You should not mix it up with offensive slurs that refer to women’s sexuality.
  • (ο) μπουμπούνας – this Greek insult describes someone who is a bit stupid in a funny rather than an offensive way.
  • (o) γάιδαρος/ (η) γαϊδάρα – donkeys are beloved animals in Greece. However, they are considered stubborn, and they are therefore used to describe people who have this quality. At the same time, a “γάιδαρος” in Greek is also a taker who never gives to others or returns favors.
  • είναι στον κόσμο του/της – he/she is in his/her own cosmos (world). This phrase is used when someone is absent-minded and/or does not pay attention to non-verbal cues and does not “read” the room.
  • τρεις λαλούν και δυο χορεύουν – three (people) are singing and two are dancing. This creative insult is used during a conversation when someone says something that is unrelated to the subject or when someone has probably not understood what the other person talked about.

Did you know any of these words and phrases?

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Funniest Greek Words and Phrases You Should Start Using

Every language has words and phrases that are either funny or can be used for some smart comebacks. Here is a list of the funniest Greek words you should start using.

Funny Greek Words and Phrases:

  • Αμπελοφιλοσοφίες (οι): “vine philosophies” a.k.a drunk philosophical conversations or (metaphorically) ideas that sound smart but are actually stupid. Example: «Άσε μας με τις αμπελοφιλοσοφίες σου.» (Stop with your vine philosophies).
  • Πιασ’ τ’ αβγό και κούρευ’ το (πιάσε το αβγό και κούρεψε το): “take the egg and shave it” a.k.a the situation is difficult to handle or the task is impossible. Example: «Να επισκευάσω την πόρτα; Πιάσ’ τ’ αβγό και κούρευτ’ το!» (Repair the door? Take the egg and shave it).
  • Ψαροκώσταινα (η): “Fish Kostena” a.k.a a poor and uncultured person or place – named after a 19th century old lady named Kostena from the town of Psara. Example: «Μένουμε στην ψαροκώσταινα της Ευρώπης.» (We reside in Europe’s fish Kostena).
  • Κάγκουρας (ο): “Kangaroo man” a.k.a a man who wears a funny pack and tunes his vehicles. Example: «Τι φοράς; Σαν κάγκουρας είσαι.» (What are you wearing? You look like a kangaroo man).
  • Ψωροευρώ (τα): “Poor people’s euros” a.k.a an amount of money that is too less to make you rich. Example: «Δουλεύει όλη μέρα για μερικά ψωροευρώ.» (He/she works all day for some poor people’s money).
  • Έφαγα πόρτα: “I ate a door” a.k.a someone slammed a door in my face or simply denied me access to a place. «Δεν μπήκα στο κλαμπ. Έφαγα πόρτα.» (I did not enter the club. I ate a door).

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All The Greek You Need Before Your Trip to Greece | 15 Super Basic Greek Words and Phrases

Although Modern Greeks speak English along with other foreign languages, it is essential to know some basic Greek words and phrases before visiting Greece. Here is a list of Greek words to learn before your trip to Greece. These include words such as “yes”, “no”, “thank you”, and greetings such as “good morning” and “goodnight”. Read the words and watch the video before you land in Greece!

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15 Super Basic Greek Words and Phrases (All the Greek You Need!)

  1. Ναι
  2. Όχι
  3. Ευχαριστώ
  4. Παρακαλώ
  5. Συγγνώμη
  6. Άλλος
  7. Με λένε
  8. Πού είναι;
  9. Δεξιά
  10. Αριστερά
  11. Με κάρτα
  12. Καλημέρα
  13. Γεια
  14. Καληνύχτα
  15. Αντίο

Listen to the Pronunciation and Meaning of Each Word