Greek Idioms and Phrases that Can’t Be Translated | Bilingual Vlog #4 [ENG/GR]

greek bilingual vlog

In today’s Greek-English vlog, you are going to learn a number of Greek phrases and idioms that make no sense when translated into other languages. For example, can you guess what “you ate my ears” means in Greek?

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Don’t Translate These English Idioms into Greek | Bilingual Vlog #3 [ENG/GR]

Every language has its own phrases and idioms that have a different or no meaning when translated into another language. That’s why translating novels and poems is no walk in the park. Here are a few English phrases and idioms that you should avoid translating into Greek (+ what you can say instead). The bilingual vlog also includes English idioms that do make sense when translated into Greek.

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