Five Unique Winter Traditions from Greece | Christian and Pagan Customs

Forget Christmas trees, Christmas carols, and Santa Claus. Let’s see some of the most unique Greek customs and traditions that are celebrated during the winter months.

Ancient Greek Ghost Stories (Halloween Special) |#GreekMyths

Cases of ghostly apparitions have been reported since ancient times, particularly in Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece. There are many references of ghosts in Mesopotamian religions and in the ancient Egyptian culture, where ghosts were believed to be the souls and spirits of people who exited their material body and influenced the lives of the living. Ghosts could either harm people or assist them.

Ancient Greek Vampires | #GreekMyths

Ancient Greek vampires? Vampires in Ancient Greece? In this episode of #GreekMyths we are talking about Lamia, Empusa, Mormo, and other vampiric entities in ancient Greece. You might know vampires from Bram Stroker’s “Dracula” and Hollywood, however, the folklore surrounding these beings is much older than you might think.