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Learn Greek online. Free online materials for learning modern Greek.

Teach yourself Greek with Helinika’s free learning materials. Learn Greek easily from the comfort of your own home. For an in-depth knowledge of the Greek language and/or if you need guidance, join our affordable Greek courses!

Does the Greek Language Have Infinitive Verbs?

The topic of infinitive verbs in Greek is one of the most confusing ones for native and non-native Greek speakers. How can you form an infinitive form of a verb in Greek?

What Does Greek Sound Like?

Are you debating whether you should start learning Greek, you may be interested in listening to what Greek sounds like.

Tips for Learning Greek Fast | Learn Modern Greek

A1 in two months? If you follow these tips, learning Greek will turn into an easy and enjoyable process. No need to spend hours studying grammatical rules; learning Greek can turn into a fun hobby of yours.


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