Greek Language Exercises

a Virtual Journey to Greece‘s history, language, and culture.

Practice your language skills with Helinika’s Greek language exercises. You will find various vocabulary, grammar, and listening exercises to improve your Greek skills.

Greek Language Exercises for All Levels

Greek Listening Comprehension – A1 | Greek Listening

This Greek listening comprehension exercise is for beginners. You will listen to two easy-to-follow conversations and a monologue in modern Greek and then you will be requested to answer a few questions.

Learn Greek by Playing Games | Playful Language Learning Exercises

More often than not, language learning exercises can be seen as tiresome, isolating, and boring. Helinika has collected a group of playful language learning exercises to practice your Greek vocabulary, syntax, and grammatical skills. Learn Greek (and other languages) by playing games!

Greek Synonyms and Antonyms Exercise. Can You Find the Correct Answer?

Test your Greek vocabulary skills with a synonym/antonym exercise. The exercise is two-fold: a) you need to know the meaning of the provided word/ phrase, b) you need to know the meaning of the words/ phrases from the multiple-choice options. Can you find the correct answer?


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