About Helinika

a Virtual Journey to Greece‘s history, language, and culture.

Helinika is a cross-media platform dedicated to the modern Greek language, history, and culture. Helinika’s mission is to help people around the word get in touch with the modern version of one of the oldest languages and cultures in the world: Greek.

Helinika is not just helinika.com. Every social media account and video platform is part of Helinika’s brand identity.

Each platform has its own characteristics. Instagram is focused on images and travel photos from Greece. YouTube provides

free video content and Udemy has a complete course series. Everything is combined together at helinika.com.

“Helinika is an online platform with educational videos and entertaining – informative content.” -The Huffington Post Greece

“The most interesting online platform for learning Greek.” – ipop

What does “Helinika” mean?

The name “Helinika” was inspired by the Greek word “ελληνικά”, which means “Greek” (adj., neutral, plural, nominative).

The “H” in this case, as in the cases of “Hellas” and “Hellenic“, is silent; however, slightly pronouncing it is also correct.

Who Can Use Helinika for Learning Greek?

Helinika can be used by anyone who wants to learn Greek; no prior knowledge of Greek is required. The cross-media platform is often used by non-native speakers and also by members of the Greek diaspora.

Who is the Founder of Helinika.com?

Helinika.com was founded on January 2020 by Marialena Perpiraki, a Journalist and Content Marketing expert who has had the opportunity to teach Greek to foreigners while living abroad.

marialena perpiraki
Marialena Perpiraki is the founder of Helinika

Marialena was born and raised in Athens, Greece, and she is a native Greek speaker. She has worked for the Greek edition of the Huffington Post and she has a Bachelor’s of Arts and a Master’s of Science in Media and Communications. Since 2021, she owns a Multimedia Agency based in Austria, providing SEO and Copywriting services.

“Helinika is more than a platform for learning Greek; it is the place to be when longing for something Greek.”

-Marialena Perpiraki, founder of Helinika

How Can You Learn Greek with Helinika?

Helinika helps people learn Greek by offering:

  • affordable video courses with downloadable materials and exercises.
  • free resources for practicing their Greek skills.

Contact Helinika: info@helinika.com

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