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Greece is a popular summer destination thanks to its numerous breathtaking seaside locations and mild climate. The Mediterranean country, however, is an all-year-round travel destination. We have already seen the best options for autumn and winter; here are five great spring destinations in Greece.

5 Spring Destinations Greece

  1. Corfu island
  2. Monemvasia castle town 
  3. Hydra island
  4. Meteora
  5. Chios island

Corfu island

Corfu island or simply Kerkyra is located at the northern part of the Ionian Sea. It is part of the so-called “eptanisa”, the seven islands of the western, greener part of Greece. That means that if you visit Corfu in spring, you will get to enjoy the blooming nature, the eclectic architecture, and, perhaps, the emerald-green waters of the Ionian Sea. The waters of Kerkyra reach up to 21 degrees Celcius in May – a temperature that most find comfortable to swim in for short periods of time.

Monemvasia castle town 

Monemvasia is one of the most romantic destinations in Greece. Visiting the old castle town of Monemvasia feels like traveling back in time. The stone-built houses give off a cozy atmosphere that many people can’t stand during the hot summer season. At the same time, getting to Monemvasia in the heart of winter can be quite isolating. The spring season is just right – the climate is perfect and you can still take a quick dive into the waters if you want to.

Hydra island

Hydra is a beautiful island located at a close proximity to Athens. Although it is mostly known by locals, many people visit Hydra for its unique architecture and romantic atmosphere. Especially in spring, visitors can attend one of the most unique Easter traditions in Greece. On Good Friday, the Epitaphios (the representation of the Tomb of Christ) exits the church of Agios Ioannis in Kamini village and, after the procession is concluded, it is carried to the sea. This is one of the few cases -if not the only- in which the Epitaphios procession enters a body of water.


Meteora are some of the most spectacular rock formations in the world. The rocks house some of the most beautiful monasteries in Greece, with six of them literally built on the natural pillars. The area is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List but it is often overlooked by summer visitors. Located in Thessaly, away from the coastline, Meteora can see some really high and some really low temperatures in the summer and winter months respectively. Spring seems to be one of the best seasons to hike around the area and visit the historical monasteries.

Chios island

Chios island is known for its picturesque villages, beautiful seaside locations, and mastic – the resin obtained from a tree that originates on the island. It is also known for a unique Easter tradition known as “rouketopolemos”, which translates to “rocket war”. The two different churches located on top of two opposing hills in Vrondados village start shooting home-made rockets to one another. The event is quite spectacular and attracts many fireworks enthusiasts. However, there are many talks regarding ending this tradition, since it poses many risks for spectators and the local infrastructure. 

Before You Visit Greece During Spring

  • Pack for different types of weather
  • Be flexible when booking outdoor activities due to sudden rainfall
  • Check the calendar. Greek Easter is celebrated on different days than Western European Easter and most businesses may be closed on these public holidays
  • If allergic, pack your antihistamines. Even the driest of Greek destinations can see a growth in vegetation during the spring season
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