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Learning Greek has never been easier. Before the era of e-learning, language learners had to find a language school that taught their target language. They had to pay their tuition fees in advance and their schedule had to be adjusted to attend these classes. The alternative would be to hire a private language tutor and pay them by the hour. If the aspiring language learner couldn’t afford a private tutor or if they couldn’t find a language school in their area, the only solution was to learn their target language all by themselves. They would buy a book with a complementary CD and a dictionary and they would spend hours repeating words out loud.

Today, there is no reason to struggle. You can learn any language, including Greek, with the help of the Internet. There are many ways to learn Greek online. Helinika is a cross-media e-learning platform that provides students with affordable courses, free learning materials, and exercises.

Pros of Learning Greek Online

  • flexibility
  • low prices
  • online reviews
  • unlimited options to choose from
  • learn anytime, anywhere

Cons of Learning Greek Online

  • less engagement
  • limited guidance

How to Learn Greek Online with Helinika

Are you a self-motivated, independent lifelong learner? Are flexibility and pricing two major factors in choosing a Greek language course? Then, welcome aboard. You came to the right place. Your digital language learning journey starts here.

  1. Enroll in our Beginner’s course
  2. Watch all video lectures
  3. Complete the exercises
  4. Take notes
  5. Memorize the available vocabulary
  6. Study the grammar
  7. Download all available course materials
  8. Take advantage of Helinika’s free resources
  9. Watch Helinika’s free YouTube videos
  10. Proceed with the next course

Greek courses online.

Helinika is a cross-media e-learning platform dedicated on the Greek language, history, and language. Helinika believes in the continuation of Hellenism – the national character and essence of Greece – from antiquity to the 21st Century. Start your language learning journey with Helinika!

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Marialena Perpiraki is a journalist and writer from Athens, Greece. In 2020, she founded Helinika as a cross-media platform.