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Greece is one of the most popular summer destinations. More than 30 million people from around the world visit Greece every year. Santorini, Crete, and Rhodes are some of the most well-known Greek islands. They are visited by millions, especially during the summer months. But what few people know is that Greece is also a great travel choice for fall. Today, we will discover the best places to travel to Greece in September, October, and November.

What is the Fall Weather Like in Greece?

Greece’s weather varies from north to south and from the west to the east. Northern Greece is generally a bit colder than southern Greece, whereas western Greece also tends to be much more humid and rainier compared to eastern Greece. September in southern Greek destinations, such Athens and Crete, is usually quite warm.

The average temperature varies from 20 to 28 degrees Celsius during this month. Therefore, visitors can still enjoy some summer activities, such as swimming and sunbathing, during early fall. That, of course, doesn’t apply in November, when the average temperature in Greece is 15 degrees Celsius. Visitors, however, can enjoy activities such as hiking, sightseeing, and exploring remote villages, forests, mountains, and lakes. Here are Helinika’s recommendations for visiting Greece in autumn.

7 Greek Destinations for Fall:

  1. Athens, Greece
  2. North Pelion, Greece
  3. Trikala, Greece
  4.  Dimitsana, Greece
  5. Elati, Greece
  6. Athamanika Ori, Greece
  7. Prespes, Greece

Visiting Athens in the Fall Months

The capital of Greece is a popular Greek destination. People who love history, culture, and good food, visit Athens for its numerous archaeological sites, art museums, Byzantine churches, and vivid nightlife. But for many, Athens can get quite hot in the summer, with the average temperature varying between 32 and 23 degrees Celsius. Since many Athenian sights are outdoors, such as the Acropolis Hill, the Kerameikos ancient cemetery, and the ancient Agora, visiting Athens in the fall is often recommended.

Moreover, these sights are less crowded in autumn than in the summer. Therefore, your experience will be much more enjoyable. Athens will still be quite warm and dry in September and October but you may expect some rain in November. However, it is very unlikely to experience bad weather daily, even at the end of the fall season. If you are used to cold climates, you can already pack your swimsuit when visiting Athens in October.

North Pelion is Even More Picturesque in Autumn

If you love the sight of red autumn leaves in mountain forests, you should consider visiting Pelion this fall. Its northern villages and hiking trails, such as Milies, Zagora, Veneto, are especially picturesque during the fall months. Pelion is a mountain that forms a hook-like peninsula in Thessaly. If you have watched Helinika’s video-podcast on ancient Greek heroes, then you may remember that Pelion was the home of Jason, the leader of the Argonauts. Today, many people explore the tiny, picturesque villages by following the steps of the mythical Centaur, the half-man, half-horse creature, through the traditional cobblestone walking paths. These are known as “kalderimia” and exploring them would be a perfect autumn activity, along with horse riding. Pelion can get a bit chilly during the fall months, so make sure to layer your outfits and bring a jacket with you.

Trikala Corinthias is a Great Fall Destination

Trikala of Corinthia are a group of villages in the Peloponnese in southern Greece. The northern village is built on 1100 meters height, and it is surrounded by a thick, evergreen fir forest. It is a perfect location to hike Mount Kyllini, ride horses, have picnics in green sceneries, and explore some of the most picturesque villages and stone-built monasteries. The lakes Doxa, Dasiou, and Stymphalia are also very close to Trikala. The weather conditions are generally very good during the fall months, with the temperature rising even up to 26 degrees in October.

Visiting Dimitsana in Autumn

Dimitsana is a mountain village in Arcadia region in the Peloponnese. Built on a mountain slope, on the ruins of the ancient town of Teuthis, it is registered as a traditional settlement. This unique village is known for its tall, stone-built mansions. An open-air waterpower museum is in close proximity to Dimitsana, and the village houses museums and a Library with over 35000 books and manuscripts. If you love rafting, you can have an adventurous trip to the nearby Lousios river and explore the surrounding forests. In October, the highest temperature is 18 degrees and it rarely drops below 6 degrees.

Elati is Amazing in the Fall Months

Elati is a small settlement close to Trikala of Thessaly (not of Corinthia). It lies at the south part of the Pindos mountain chain and it is surrounded by forests, springs, and meadows that are waiting for you to explore. In the winter time, visitors can go skiing; in autumn, people can do other fall activities, such as hiking, cycling, and camping. The average temperature in Elati varies from 19 to 9 degrees Celsius in October.

Visiting Tzoumerka/Athamanika Ori in Autumn

In Epirus, there is a municipality known as Tzoumerka or Athamanika Ori. Also known for its stone-built houses, Tzoumerka has a remarkable folklore museum that will help you understand the culture of a lesser-known part of Greece; the one of the mountains and forests. The Syrrako-Kalarrytes Path is a popular trail, whereas there are many caves, monasteries, and natural wonders for you to explore. The weather in Athamanika Ori in October is moderately chilly, with the temperature rising up to 19 degrees Celsius.

Prespes is a Top Greek Fall Destination

In one of the Northern and colder parts of Greece, near Florina, there is the municipality of Prespes, which encircles the nearby lakes with the same name. If you love exploring caves, you should visit the nearby Zachariadi’s cave and the national park that surrounds the area. It is mildly chilly in autumn there, with the temperature rising up to 18 degrees Celsius in October.

These were some of the best Greek fall destinations. Have you ever visited any of them? Are you planning on traveling to Greece in the fall? You leave a comment in the comment section. In the description, you will find some useful links, including your Udemy discount for learning Greek. A new course is coming up, so make sure that you have completed the first level. See you next week with another video!

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