No More “Ναι” or “Όχι”. Upgrade Your Greek with These Synonyms

“Yes” (Ναι) and “No” (Όχι) are standard answers in all languages. But, as you progress in your language journey, it is time to move forward and start using synonyms to express negation and affirmation. Usually, conversations between beginners in Greek are as follows:

-«Πεινάς;» (are you hungry?)

-«Ναι.» (yes.)

-«Κατάλαβες;» (was it clear to you?)

-«Όχι.» (no.)

Here are some words and phrases that will upgrade your Greek vocabulary in minutes. These will help you express affirmation and negation in Greek.

Greek Synonyms of “Yes” and “No” | No More “Ναι”/”Όχι”

  1. Βεβαίως – Sure
  2. Φυσικά – Of course
  3. Αποκλείεται – No way
  4. Αμέ – Yep
  5. Τς/ τσου – (disapproval sound, informal no)
  6. Άπαπα – Oh no/ Νο way
  7. Μάλιστα – Sure/ Indeed
  8. Οκέι (οκ) – Okay (ok)
  9. Σίγουρα – For sure
  10. Σαφώς – Definitely/ Clearly
  11. Προφανώς – Obviously
  12. Εννοείται – Of course/ It goes without saying
  13. Οπωσδήποτε – Definitely
  14. Ούτε καν – No way/ Never/ Not at all
  15. Ούτε να το σκέφτεσαι – Don’t even think about it
  16. Δεν παίζει – No way (slang)
  17. Με την καμία – No way (slang)
  18. Σε καμία περίπτωση – No way

Let’s see some examples:

«Διάβασες;» (Have you studied?)

«Φυσικά και διάβασα.» (Of course I’ve studied)

«Κρασί;» (Wine?)

«Βεβαίως…» (Sure…)

«Πάμε για ποτό;» (Shall we go out for a drink?)

«Αποκλείεται!» (No way!)

«Έχεις αναπτήρα;» (Do you have a lighter?)

«Τς…» (No…)

«Θέλεις γλυκό;» (Would you like some dessert?)

«Άπαπα, έχω σκάσει.» (No way, I’m full.)

«Γνωρίζεστε;» (Do you know each other?)

«Ούτε καν…» (Not at all…)

«Έχεις να μου δανείσεις πέντε ευρώ;» (Can you lend me five euros?)

«Με την καμία.» (No, no way.)

Well, these were some examples of words and phrases that express affirmation or negation in Greek that are not “yes” or “no”. If you found this video helpful, don’t forget to click subscribe; it’s free and you’ll discover many more free videos like this. You can always visit and don’t forget to check the description for some helpful links. Till next time!

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