Greek Christmas Meals and Desserts | Traditional Christmas Delicacies from Greece

If you have watched Helinika’s Christmas-related videos, then you might already know two of these traditional Greek Christmas delicacies. Today, we see some of the most delicious traditional Greek Christmas dishes and desserts from different regions.

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Greek Christmas Dishes

  1. Roasted Pork with Pickled Cabbage
  2. Pork with Celery in the Pot
  3. Meat Pie
  4. Chicken Soup
  5. Sarmades/ Lahanodolmades
  6. Babo
  7. Msoura

Learn Greek Online with Helinika

Greek Christmas Desserts

  1. Melomakarona
  2. Kourabiedes
  3. Katades
  4. Diples
  5. Lalaggia
  6. Galaktoboureko
  7. Baclava
  8. Xerotigana
  9.  Vasilopita

Of course, there are many local dishes that are enjoyed during the holidays. What are some common winter meals and desserts in your country? Leave a comment down below.

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