How Greek Loanwords Are (Actually) Pronounced in Greek

The Greek language may have loaned many words to English and other languages, especially in science. Words such as “philosophy”, “biology”, “theatre”, “history”, “idea”, “politics”, and “Democracy” are of Greek origin. Here is how a few Greek loanwords sound when pronounced in Greek.

Learn Greek Online with Helinika

Learn Greek Online with Helinika

Greek Loanwords Pronunciation in Greek Examples

  • Philosophy – Φιλοσοφία
  • Biology – Βιολογία
  • Theatre – Θέατρο
  • History – Ιστορία
  • Idea – Ιδέα
  • Politics – Πολιτική
  • Democracy – Δημοκρατία
  • Cinematography – Κινηματογράφος
  • Photography – Φωτογραφία
  • Telephone – Τηλέφωνο
  • Autonomy – Αυτονομία
  • Ideology – Ιδεολογία
  • Ego – Εγώ
  • Psyche – Ψυχή
  • Psychology – Ψυχολογία
  • Analogy – Αναλογία
  • Academy – Ακαδημία
  • Acoustics – Ακουστική
  • Amnesia – Αμνησία
  • Antagonist – Ανταγωνιστής
  • Catastrophe – Καταστροφή
  • Cynic – Κυνικός
  • Critic – Κριτικός
  • Dogma – Δόγμα
  • Economics – Οικονομία
  • Aetiology – Αιτιολογία
  • Euphoria – Ευφορία
  • Grammar – Γραμματική

There are many more Greek loanwords that are used daily from English-speakers. If you use these words, you already speak Greek and you don’t know it. In a next video we will see how English and other foreign loanwords are pronounced in Greek. It is recommended to watch Helinika’s video titled “You Pronounce Greek wrong. Here is Why.” and learn how to properly pronounce modern Greek words.

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