How to Pronounce the Greek Letters Like a Greek (Ββ, Γγ, Δδ, Θθ, Ρρ, Υυ..) | Greek Alphabet

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How to pronounce the Greek letters –the letters of the Greek alphabet– like a Greek. Although Alpha (Αα), Epsilon (Εε), and most Greek letters are easy to pronounce, there are a few that absolutely confuse most Greek language students. These Greek letters are Ββ, Γγ, Δδ, Θθ, Ρρ, Υυ. Students who learn Greek outside of Greece often pronounce these letters as if they read Latin scriptures. But why is that and how can someone overcome their pronunciation difficulties?

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greek vowels greek consonants

Learn Greek: Vowels, Consonants, Digraphs, and Diphthongs

Pronounce Greek vowels and consonants correctly. Speak Greek like a native.

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Three (3) Free Printable Greek Alphabet Charts | Greek Alphabet Posters

Helinika has created three printable posters with the Greek alphabet. Students can download the materials for free and use them to decorate their offices/classrooms.

Learn Greek Online with Helinika

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