Helinika 2.0: Check Helinika’s New Logo!

After a full year of Greek-related content, Helinika has helped thousands of people learn more about the Greek language, history, and culture. But its logo did not fully communicate Helinika’s core value: creativity. With the Agean Sea as its inspiration, here is Helinika’s revamped logo:

2020-2021 Achievements:

  • Hundrends of daily website visitors.
  • Dozens of Greek language students on Udemy.
  • Over 1.000 subscribers on YouTube.
  • Hundends of followers on social media.
  • Over 100 articles and videos posted.

Helinika’s Goals:

  • Improve the quality of its video/editorial content.
  • Reach more people who are interested in Greek-related topics.
  • Increase its loyal audience.
  • Explore more topics that interests its audience.

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