Expressing and Describing Feelings and Opinions in Greek

You already learned how to describe the weather and make small talk in Greek. Now, it is time to start describing feelings and opinions in Greek.

In order to describe «συναισθήματα» (feelings and emotions) in Greek, you can use either one of these two verbs: νιώθω (from the medieval verb “γνώθω”) and αισθάνομαι (from the ancient Greek “αἰσθάνομαι”). Both verbs mean “to feel” and can be followed by a noun or a participle (a word having the characteristics of both verb and adjective). The participles, in particular, can also follow the verb «είμαι» to be.

Οk, now that you get a basic understanding of how you can describe your feelings, let’s see how to you can express your personal opinions. The two most common nouns in Greek are (η) γνώμη and (η) άποψη. The first derives from the ancient verb «γιγνώσκω» (to know), meaning that your opinion is based on knowledge, whereas the second derives from the ancient noun «ἄποψις» (the viewpoint), and it carries the same meaning today.

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Helpful Vocabulary:

(η) χαρά= (the) joy

(ο/η/το) χαρούμενος-η-ο= (the) joyful

(η) ευτυχία= (the) happiness

(ο/η/το) ευτυχισμένος-η-ο= (the) happy

(ο) ενθουσιασμός= (the) enthusiasm

(ο/η/το) ενθουσιασμένος-η-ο= (the) enthusiastic

(ο) θυμός= (the) anger

(ο/η/το) θυμωμένος-η-ο= (the) angered/ (the) angry

(ο) φόβος= (the) fear

(o/η/το) φοβισμένος-η-ο= (the) fearful

(ο) τρόμος= (the) intense fear, (the) fright

(ο/η/το) τρομαγμένος-η-ο= (the) frightened

(το) άγχος= (the) persistent stress, (the) anxiety

(o/η/το) αγχωμένος-η-ο= (the) anxious

(το) στρες= (the) brief but intense feeling of stress

(ο/η/το) στρεσαρισμένος= (the) stressed

(o) πανικός= (the) panic

(ο/η/το) πανικόβλητος/η/ο= (the) panicked

(η) θλίψη= (the) sadness

(ο/η/το) θλιμμένος-η-ο= (the) sad

(η) ζήλια= (the) jealousy (no participle)

(η) ελπίδα= (the) hope (no participle)

(η) ηρεμία= (the) calmness

(η) μοναξιά= (the) loneliness

Watch the video and see examples and full sentences!

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