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Many people learn English as a foreign language to boost their chances of finding a high-paying job and increasing their income. This comes as no surprise: it is estimated that 360 million people are native English speakers, while 1,5 billion (20% of the Earth’s population) speak English fluently. In many non-English speaking countries, learning this specific language is considered an investment for the future. But what about other languages, especially the ones that are not so widely spoken? For example, can you increase your income by learning Greek?

Here is How to Make Money by Learning Greek

There are many reasons to learn Greek but few people have money in mind. It is estimated that 13,4 million people speak Greek across the globe. By learning modern Greek, you acquire a rare and valuable skill that you can use for your own benefit. Here is how to make your rare language skills into a money-making machine. In an essence you can:

  1. Make Extra Money Teaching Greek.
  2. Make Money Translating to and from Greek.
  3. Work as an Au Pair for Affluent Greek Families.
  4. Land a Job in Customer Support.
  5. Work in the Tourism Industry.
  6. Become a Tour Guide.
  7. Localize Advertisements
  8. Increase Your Value in a Company and Ask for a Raise.

Make Extra Money Teaching Greek (Greek Language Instructor)

You can use your Greek language skills to make some money on the side. You can teach Greek as a private tutor and, if you acquire a certificate, you can also work part-time for your local language school. Moreover, many Universities run language learning programs and are always in need of native speakers. Speaking the language is not enough; you need to have patience and come up with excellent teaching plans.

Make Money Translating to and from Greek

If you speak Greek fluently, you can always use your rare language skills and translate websites, books, scripts, advertisements, and other forms of content to and from Greek. You can combine this skill with other qualifications, such as a good knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and stand out from the crowd. If you are successful in this, there is also the possibility of becoming a certified translator and translating official documents and certificated from/to Greek and from/to another language. Greek-speaking certified translators are hard to find outside of Greece and you can make a lot of money following this path.

Work as an Au Pair for Affluent Greek Families

Imagine laying by the pool in a villa in Santorini, reading a book to a child and getting paid for it. Many women have this opportunity by working as au pairs for Greek families. Although foreign au pairs are usually hired in order to teach their native language to the children they take care of, being able to communicate in Greek with the parents will significantly increase your chances of getting hired.

Greek Lessons for Au Pairs | Au Pairs in Greece

An au pair is a nanny/baby sitter from a foreign country that helps the children learn a new language. Is it necessary to learn Greek?

Land a Job in Customer Support

Whether they sell socks or software, most companies have a customer support team that answers the customers’ questions about the products and listen to their complaints. The role of these employees is so important, that they are often referred as the “customer success team”. If you want to be the ears and mouth of one of your local companies, you need to learn a few foreign languages. Thanks to e-commerce, the great majority of businesses and companies today ship their products to foreign countries. The customers might speak different languages and it is crucial that the customer support team consists of members who each speak at least some of them. If you speak Greek along with other more popular languages, you significantly increase your chances of getting hired.

Work in the Tourism Industry

Greece is a touristic country with over 33 million people visiting the country every year. It comes as no surprise that tourism accounts for nearly 20% of Greece’s GDP. It is estimated that more than 900.000 people work in the industry and, although there are limited job opportunities in other fields, there is an increase in vacancies in tourism during the summer. If you are an experienced chef, pastry chef, barista, or barista, you can increase your income significantly during the summer season in Mykonos, Santorini, and other islands that receive a high influx of tourists.

Become a Tourist Guide for Greek Speakers

Museums and galleries around the world are often in need of polyglots, especially those who speak rare languages. If you are comfortable speaking in front of a small crowd, learning foreign languages, such as Greek, will make you the perfect tour guide. The museum/gallery will be able to offer tours to an international audience, increasing the chances of offering a positive experience to its guests. The latter will then leave an excellent review and recommend the museum/gallery to their inner circles.

Localize Advertisements to and from Greek

There are many products and services that are introduced in different countries. These products and services need to be sold. But in order to so, their advertising campaigns need to be translated according to the preferences and social norms of the local culture. If you work in Business or Marketing, your Greek skills will transform you into the best candidate for promoting brands, products, and services in the Greek speaking world. You might also find yourself leading a big project like this with less experience in the fields, all because you speak the language.

Your Greek language journey starts here.

Learn Greek and Increase your Value. Get a Raise by Learning Greek

Let’s say that you work in an international company and you find yourself stuck in the same position, without any prospects of progressing any further. Although computer skills are highly valued in a modern workspace, language skills are also taken into consideration when discussing a raise or promotion. If you love learning new languages, learning a rare language such as Greek will increase your value in the company. What you need to do is find ways to let upper management know about your skills and how relevant they are for the company.

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