What Does Greek Sound Like?


Are you debating whether you should start learning Greek, you may be interested in listening to what Greek sounds like.

In the above video, I am reading Greek aloud and specifically a part if the first paragraph of the book “The Secrets of the Swamp” by Penelope Delta, which is found in the repository of the Open Library (small part – in Greek).

Penelope Delta is the first Greek writer of children’s books. “The Secrets of the Swamp” is a book that anyone who is Greek or interested in the Greek history should read once in their lifetime. The book recreates the fierce Macedonian Struggle of the early 20th century, enacted “on land and water” at the swamp of Lake Giannitsa.

Buy the book in English.

Did you know that Helinika has a complete video series for learning Greek? Watch now!

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