How to Say “Yes” and “No” in Greek

Learning how to say “yes” and “no” is the most important step when trying to communicate in any given language. You can accept or decline, show affirmation and so much more. These two are the most basic words when it comes to any type of communication. When it comes to the Greek language, you have to be careful: saying “yes” might sound like saying “no”. Let’s see the translation of yes and no in Greek.

Saying “Yes” in Greek

Ναι (Ne)

The Greek word ναι comes from Ancient Greek ναί, which is a variation of νή.

Saying “No” in Greek

Όχι (Οhi)

Όχι derives from the ancient Greek ούχι.

Saying “Yes or No” in Greek

“Ναι ή Όχι” (Ne e Ohi)

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