How to Say Good Morning and Good Night in Greek

how to say morning and night in greek

Are you planning your next Greek vacation? Have you met a native Greek speaker and want to communicate with them? Or would you like to learn a new language?

Whatever the reason might be, this article will help you learn how to say “good morning” and “good night” in Greek, along with “have a nice noon/afternoon/evening”.

How to Say Good Morning in Greek

Καλημέρα – Kalimera: used to greet someone in the morning but also during the day. Literally translates to “good day”.


How to Say Good Night in Greek

Καληνύχτα – Kalinychta: used before going to sleep.


Other Greek Greetings Based On The Time of Day

  • Καλό μεσημέρι – Kalo Mesimeri: Have a Nice Midday
  • Καλό Απόγευμα – Kalo Apogeuma: Have a Nice Afternoon
  • Καλό Βράδυ – Kalo Vrady: Have a Nice Evening

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